Cruz Sugeki

A poor, unlucky, and possibly deluded Ranger


Cruz Sugeki was a former nobleman, his true last name: Rudolia. At the age of 17, he abandoned his home and name to form a resistance group against the Empire that brought his family to ruin. He left the very morning that his arranged marriage was finalized. Cruz was wed off to, in his own words, “some Imperial wench who’s probably ugly as sin and evil as a demon.” What he thought had started as a joke by his parents became a reality he wasn’t even aware of. By the time the servants were sent to fetch him, they found only an empty room and a simple note, written in Draconic: “I will resist the Empire that brought us shame and reclaim House Rudolia’s honor.”

Cruz found some luck in the western forests, where he found likeminded people and formed the Marduk Woods Resistance Group. Within six months, Cruz was elevated on the Imperial Bounty List to #1. Cruz, pleased that he was doing enough damage to scare the Empire, adopted a battle cry to reference his notoriety: “I’m number one!” Countless bounty hunters, Imperial soldiers, and accidents had killed off and driven away much of the Marduk Woods Resistance Group. About two months passed since he earned that position, and the resistance movement dwindled down to just Cruz and a pacifist cleric. Cruz intends to fight to the bitter end. As for the cleric, maybe he feels it’s his duty to try and save the poor guy.

A rumor had been spreading of an Elven diplomat, on her way to meet with King Thomas VI. What better way to strike out against the Empire than to halt their diplomatic process? Now, Cruz stalks his new prey, determined to make a comeback…

Cruz Sugeki

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